A study on Breast Feeding Practice among the Female Patient Attending in Dhamrai Upazila Health Complex


1 Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, Z H Sikder Woman’s Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2 Department of Anatomy, Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical Collage and Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh

3 Assistant Professor of Pathology, Jahurul Islam Medical College, Kishoregonj, Bangladesh.


Background: Breast feeding is the optimal method for achieving a normal growth and development of the child. This study aimed to find out the breast feeding practice among the female patients attending in Dhamrai Upazila Health Complex, Bangladesh. 
Methodology: A cross-sectional study of 110 women having child less than 5 years old was included using a semi structured questionnaire from 1st May to 15th May 2017. Sampling technique was convenience sampling. After collection the data were checked and verified and edited. Compilation and tabulation of data were done according to key variables by using computer and calculator.
Results: Importance of breast feeding was known to most mothers but initiation of breast feeding within one hour of birth was known by (62%) of mothers. 70.92% gave colostrum within one hour of the child birth. 32.44% gave all type of food in addition to breast milk during lactation period to their babies. 54% exclusively breast fed their babies for about 1–4 months, Half of them had continued breastfeeding for a total of 19 to 24 months. 54.55% of them gave khichuri as a complementary food.  58.80% disagree regarding contraceptive advantage of breast milk and (77.27%) use contraceptive method during lactation period.
Conclusion: Importance of breast feeding was known to most mothers. The condition can be improved if the importance of giving colostrum to the infant, early initiation of breast feeding after delivery, maintaining duration of exclusive breast feeding and improve maternal education is implemented. The grass root workers at the community level should be involved in providing health education to the mothers and other family members.