Effect of Soil and Seed Treatments on Seedling Diseases of Wheat


1 Plant Pathology Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur-1701, Bangladesh.

2 Professor, Department of Agricultural Finance, BAU, Mymensingh

3 Senior Scientific Officer (Plant Pathology), Spices Research Centre, BARI, Shibganj, Bogra, Bangladesh.

4 Spices Research Centre, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Shibganj, Bogra, Bangladesh.

5 Chief Scientific Officer, Mango Research Station, Chapai Nawabgonj, Bangladesh.


The experiment was conducted at Plant Pathology Field, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur-1701 during the cropping season 2014-17. The effectiveness of different methods of seed and soil treatments were evaluated against seedling diseases of wheat under inoculated condition in the field. The lowest percentage of diseased seedlings, highest number of grain/head as well as the highest yield 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0%; 42, 40 and 39, and 3767, 3765 and 3764 kg/ha, respectively were obtained with seed treatment + soil drenching with Vitavax-200 followed by seed treatment + soil drenching with Bavistin in three consecutive years. The highest percentage of diseased seedlings, lowest number of grain/head as well as the lowest yield 12.2, 12.7 and 13.2%; 31, 29 and 28; and 2754, 2752 and 2751 kg/ha, respectively were obtained from the same treatment. The lowest number of grain/head, lowest yield with the highest percentage of diseased seedlings was recorded from the control treatment in all three cropping seasons.