Evaluation of the Surface Water Polluted with Pathogenic Leptospirosis in Mazandaran Province (North of Iran) at 2014


Medical Student, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Sari, Iran.


Introduction: the aim of this study was Recognizing the surface water pollution with Leptospira in different geographic areas of Mazandaran province (north of Iran). This evaluation helped us to recognize the areas with higher risk of human infection and design a preventive program.
Procedure: 100 ml water was taken from paddy fields, streams, puddles, and rivers as samples. The samples were poured into sterile polypropylene tubes and immediately sent to the Molecular Cellular Research Center in Sari and were tested.
Results: The results showed that 20 samples, out of 240 analyzed samples, were positive in terms of pathogenic species and 220 samples were negative. Also, 140 samples were positive in terms of non-pathogenic species and 100 samples were negative.
Discussion: the results reveal the presence and distribution of non-pathogenic species of Leptospira was more than the pathogenic species in Mazandaran province.